ࡱ> FHEYbjbjWW14==&]    8B^$ =:@      $ "-     P   P P P       P :P   2O   ^(The 9th Annual International Conference EVA 2006 Moscow The 9th Annual International Conference EVA2006 Moscow will be held 4 - 8December 2006 in the M.I. Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature (Moscow, Russian Federation). EVA 2006 Moscow is one of a series of annual conferences, have been held since 1990 in Florence, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Harvard (USA), Gifu (Japan), Beijing and other cities of the world. EVA2006 Moscow theme: Culture and Information Society Technologies. Century XXI The conference welcomes representatives of intergovernmental and international non-governmental organisations, public authorities in the sphere of culture, education, science, information and communications; representatives from business, civil society, research and education community, mass media; political and public figures, and leading experts. The main organisers of the conference are: European Commission, Federal Agency on Culture and Cinematography (Russian Federation), Centre on the Problems of Informatisation in the sphere of Culture (Centre PIC), M.I. Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, EVA Conferences International. The conference is supported by the Russian Committee of the UNESCO Programme Information for All, by the Russian Branch of ICOMOS and the Moscow Committee on Cultural heritage. The conference will discuss the following issues: Russian and International Programmes and Projects, International Co-operation; Presentation of the EC FP6 projects; provisions of the FP7; Information society technologies in museums, galleries, libraries, archives, universities, contemporary art; From information society to knowledge society: digitisation of and access to cultural and scientific heritage; Multilingual access to information; Legal issues; Technologies, Standards and Meta-Data; Digital heritage preservation and long-term access; New services for citizens; Culture and business; Culture for Education Education for Culture. The conference covers plenary sessions, thematic sections, round tables, seminars, workshops, anexhibition and a festival. Some of the events: The 6th Annual International Conference ECHOLOT2006: IST and audiovisual heritage The 6th Annual International Conference Information Resources and Technologies for Non-Movable heritage Preservation Presenting ICT in Russian regions Exhibition Multimedia in Culture, Art and Education The 11th Festival of Creative Interactive Multimedia Content 2006 The Conference materials and the illustrated exhibition catalogue will be published on CD-ROM. TERMS OF PARTICIPATION: The first step to participate in the International Conference EVA2006 Moscow is the on-line registration at the conference web-site  HYPERLINK http://www.evarussia.ru www.evarussia.ru . On-line registration will be opened in May 2006. Registration deadline is October, 15, 2006. On the conference web-site you will find detailed information, registration rules, visa and hotel information, the lists of registered delegated and their institutions, the list of papers etc. Please mind the visa information! The Organisers will assist in hotel booking and invitations for the visas. The working languages of the conference are Russian and English. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of the key sessions will be provided. Registration fee for participation in the conference, workshops, round-tables and information materials is 200 to be paid in cash on arrival. The delegates or their institutions cover all travel and accommodation expenses. PAPERS: The Programme Committee seeks original research and application oriented papers, not previously presented elsewhere, which make new contributions to the Conference topics. You are invited to submit an abstract and/or a full text of your proposed paper for consideration by the Programme Committee in the electronic form (.doc or .rtf format) on-line. Deadlines: abstracts - October, 1; full texts - November, 1. Abstracts and papers are submitted through the conference WEB-site  HYPERLINK http://www.evarussia.ru www.evarussia.ru where the Paper submission guidelines could be found. Registered abstracts and papers are published on the conference WEB-site after the site manager approval. The Programme Committee retains the right to accept/decline the application and to determine the status of the presentation (plenary session, thematic session, workshop presentation, on-line publication without presentation). Presentation duration: plenary session and key papers - up to 20 minutes; papers to particular events - up to 15 minutes; contributions - up to 10 minutes. The list of sections, round tables, workshops and additional events will be continuously updated and the Programme will be finalised in November 2006. Please, visit the conference WEB-site regularly. EXHIBITION "Multimedia in Culture, Art & Education": Invited Exhibitors: World Cultural Heritage on-line and off-line; software and equipment for museums, galleries, libraries and archives. The exhibition committee will choose exhibitors after on-line submission through the conference WEB-site www.evarussia.ru of the following materials, which will be included into the illustrated on-line catalogue of the exhibition: Institution details and profile (0,5 0,7 A4 page) Short (0,5 A4 page) description of the exhibited product 2 - 3 digital images (JPG), presenting the product The organisers will be grateful if you present your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM on cultural heritage for their collections. Deadline for submitting exhibition materials October 1, 2005 Contacts: EVA2006Moscow WEB-site:  HYPERLINK http://www.evarussia.ru www.evarussia.ru Tel/Fax: +7 (095) 940-02-84 The Head of the Organising Committee: Leonid Kuybyshev (leonid@evarussia.ru) The Head of the Programme Committee: Nadezhda Brakker (NBrakker@evarussia.ru) PAGE  EVA 2006 Moscow 4 8 December 2006 First Announcement & Call for Papers PAGE  PAGE 2  DATE \@ "dd.MM.yyyy" 24.03.2006 (789>@ X 4 Z p u w Q  /0QR0ʿܱܿܿܿܿܿ܌ߌܿB*CJmH nH B*mH 0J>*B*CJOJQJmH j>*B*UmH  >*B*mH j>*B*UmH hmH mH nH  5B*CJ9B*CJmH 9B*CJH*mH mH 5mH CJmH 569CJmH 5CJH*mH  5CJmH 1(89sX  J ~ \ p : ] $ & Fex & F e $dxx$ $x $r(89sX  J ~ \ p : ] 9Qm./0R0B~{xurolfc`]p 'rWs1  g       T h  F  z    B     : lQ#] 9Qm./0R0B5|$x $x $dxx $x $x  & FeB\]5|:6u#6Ϳ͒ӌӇyp_yyӇW>*B*mH nH j5>*B*UmH nH5>*B*mH nHj5>*B*UmH nHmH nH >*B*mH 5mH 0J5>*B*CJOJQJmH  j5>*B*CJUmH 5>*B*CJmH j5>*B*CJUmH  5CJmH mH  ;mH nH5;mH nHmH nH B*CJmH nH 5B*CJmH  B*CJmH "5|:!V6u8ľ   = Z       w !t e   |:!V6u8$h&`#$$ & F@& 8x!x$x6o  mH jU0JmHmH 0J j0JU>*B*mH nHmH nH$h&`#$/ 0&P 1F. 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