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A BRICKS-PRESTO SPACE joint event on “Different perspectives on Technology Based Innovation - How Innovation technology impacts on management, business, industry, creativity, culture and art and how different actors can lead it” has been held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 10 October 2005 (Felix Meritis - European Centre for Arts and Sciences, Keizersgracht 324). The role of technology and innovation especially in support of cultural heritage institutions and creative endeavours has been illustrated by several experts from management, industry, finance, culture, and art.



  General Introduction
Daniel Teruggi
(Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)
Objectives of the workshop
  Innovation: a Business perspective
Bernard Demotes-Mainard
Innovation model for an integrated company; embedding the overall value chain
Alessandro Favalli
(Zernike Group)
Funding the innovation, a venture capitalist perspective
Roberto Gagliardi (Metaware) Innovation management - An open and distributed approach
Francesco S. Nucci (Engineering) Technology Based innovation: Engineering R&D, a success story
  Innovation: A cultural perspective
Michel Waisvisz
(Steim Center)
Innovation in the creativity creation: An individual approach
Massimo Negri
(European Museum Forum)
Innovation in the museum environment
Stefano Roveda
(Studio Azzurro)
Innovation in the creativity creation: A collective approach
Massimo Bertoncini (Engineering) An innovation leverage: The Digital Libraries context
Daniel Teruggi
(Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)
Innovation in the audiovisual world
  Future in Innovation: An open question
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