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How to join the BRICKS Community
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There are two levels of membership

User Members:

Users that show their interest and consensus on the BRICKS concept and idea. They will test and validate the on-going results of BRICKS

To become a User Member: please fill in and submit the online registration form or download the Letter of Intent.

Developer Members

Developer members show their interest and consensus on the BRICKS concept and idea, and actively participate to the development of BRICKS, providing expansion of objectives and results.

The Developer Member contributes to NEW activities, not to the one already included in the BRICKS TA.

  1. Development in “pillars” area:
    • Development of new Pillar
    • New scenarios inside existing pillars
  2. Infrastructure services:
    • Upgrade of the “foundation brick”
    • New infrastructural services

To become a Developer member: please fill in and submit the Memorandum of Understanding, together with a specific Technical Annex in which the activities you’ll be involved in are described.
A previous contact with the Project coordinator is prerequisite needed before signing the MoU and a Technical annex.

For more information contact
The BRICKS Community
Visit the Community area and find out why to join it.
Join us
Register on this site and start participating to BRICKS!
BRICKS in the World
Navigate through the interactive map and you will discover the BRICKS actors: Partners and Community members.
The BRICKS Project
Find an overview of BRICKS: goals, functionalities, and further details.
Connect to the Developer Community, download the software, and start working with BRICKS!
Rate the BRICKS software
Give your feedback about the software released by the BRICKS project so far.
Discussion Area
Join our open discussion area to share your experiences, to look for an answer to your questions and to present your suggestions and ideas!
Promotional Area
Explore the interesting products, contents and other kind of resources.
Get information on lots of international interesting events selected by and for the BRICKS Community!
Training area
Learn more about training opportunities. Guidelines for a correct and profitable use of the BRICKS services and valorisation strategies.
LINKS to other Cultural Websites
Browse among the Cultural Heritage categories looking for the one that fits for you.