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Contract no. : 507457

Activity code: IST-2002-

Action line: Technology. Enhanced Learning and Access to Cultural heritage

BRICKS Integrated Project, absolute winner in the prestigious selection process of the European Sixth Framework Programme, was selected as one of the most important and innovative ICT projects in the European Cultural field. BRICKS aims at integrating the existing digital resources into a common and shared Digital Library, a comprehensive term covering “Digital Museums“, “Digital Archives“ and other kinds of the digital memory systems. The results of the Project will constitute the main assets of a Factory, which has been subsidised by the Consortium partners and the EU for the duration of the Project, but will sustain itself in the future.

Building the European shared digital memory

BRICKS activities are structured in a way to maximise the impact for the construction of a shared digital heritage, which nevertheless respects the European cultural diversity. Its "bottom-up" approach, which is based on the interoperability of a dynamic community of local systems, maximises the use of existing resources and know-how, and, therefore, national investments. BRICKS will contribute in: a) tuning the mission of memory institutions in the digital era, b) developing a shared vision for the exploitation of digital cultural content and c) encouraging cultural co-operation for the construction of an interoperable, co-operation cultural capital

A project funded by the European Union:

  • Submitted to IST Programme - FP6 1st call
  • Duration: 42 months
  • Start date : 1st January 2004
  • End Date : 30th June 2007
  • Budget : 12,2 Million Euro
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