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CIDOC CRM Training Module
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CIDOC CRM Training Module

Course content description

Monday 30/01

Morning session

Introduction to the CRM

Afternoon session

Introduction to the mapping process and sample exercises

Tuesday 31/01

Morning session

Mapping workshop looking at attendees data sets

Feedback from the trainees

End of Tutorial

Content: The seminar is targeted to professionals and academics willing to better understand the general model and technological support tools related to the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model. The CIDOC Conceptual Reference model provides definitions and a formal structure for expressing the implicit and explicit concepts and relationships used in cultural heritage documentation. This model is aimed at creating common grounds in the understanding of cultural-heritage information. This is done providing a general, yet vertical, semantic framework on which the cultural heritage information can be mapped allowing domain experts to create practical models and implementers to formulate requirements for information systems using a language domain experts are familiar with.

Why you should learn CIDOC CRM?
CIDOC CRM provides a universally recognized state-of-the art approach for classifying digital content within digital libraries belonging to different institutions. The understanding of this reference model provides a significant advantage in the analysis of cultural heritage institution requirements, especially for the modelling, implementation and validation of digital library software. CIDOC is becoming an ISO Standard: The CIDOC CRM is the culmination of over 10 years work by the CIDOC Documentation Standards Working Group and CIDOC CRM SIG which are working groups of CIDOC. It is currently being elaborated by the International Standards Organisation as Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 21127 and the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group to become an ISO standard.

Partners Responsible: OAD and ARC
Duration course: 2 days
Inscription fee: Free
Location: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Via G. Moruzzi, 1 - 56124 Pisa – Italy.
Didactic methodologies: face to face (hands-on rather than talking)
Teacher: Stephen Stead, Director of Paveprime Ltd, Purley, Surrey UK
Target audience: Content providers. They should bring their existing metadata schemas and will be taught how to map it to the CRM.
Trainees expected pre-knowledge: A good general introduction for attendees to have a look at before coming is
Maximum n° of Trainees: 20 people

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