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Using the BRICKS Community website and CMS Training Module

Course content description

Tuesday, 10 May 2006

Introduction to the BRICKS web site

Introduction to the BRICKS web content management system and sample exercises

Feedback from the trainees

End of Tutorial

Content: The seminar has two main goals. First, it intends to illustrate to the BRICKS Community members the functionalities and the potentialities of the BRICKS website. Course attendants may indeed discover new ways to put to full use the website's potential as a tool for communication, dissemination, discussion, and as a means to enhance the visibility of their own initiatives toward a worldwide audience. The seminar will then focus on providing the BRICKS Community members with a better practical understanding of the website's content management system, that is the software that allows the Community members themselves to add content to the website, like text, images, or multimedia objects. A visual guide on CD-ROM will be distributed.


Why should you take a closer look at BRICKS' web content management system?
It is important that all Community members possess the ability to enjoy the opportunities offered to them through the BRICKS project's website, that is, that they may autonomously publish information and communicate through the website. While the web developing staff is constantly improving the CMS interface in terms of rapidity of learning and ease of use, some may still experience some frustration. The seminar will show how easy and fun it actually is to create the expected results.


Partners Responsible: MW
Partners Involved: EMF
Duration course: 1 hour
Registration fee: free
Location: Museu da Farmácia, Rua Marechal Saldanha, 1, 1249-069 Lisbon (Portugal).
Didactic methodologies: short introduction and guided tour of the CMS; distribution of a visual guide on CD-ROM; practical usage examples and exercises.
Editions foreseen: one, repeatable on demand
Teacher: Federico Dalpane, Metaware
Target audience: General BRICKS Community member users, esp. those responsible for communication and dissemination activities.
Trainees expected pre-knowledge: ability to use a normal web browser and wordprocessor
Training material offered: visual guide on CD-ROM

This training module will take place during the BRICKS Community kickoff event in Lisbon.
To register, please use the registration form for the Lisbon event and check the corresponding box.

For further information, please contact:

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