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Training Activities
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Training Activities

The training activities aim at:

  • Training the technological actor for the system and service maintenance.
  • Training the user of the BRICKS services: Managers of memory institutions, researchers, schools and universities, museum operators and scientific professionals.

The training activities have to guarantee a correct and easy usage of the BRICKS system and services in order to assure and facilitate a future utilisation and valorisation of the project results.

During the first eighteen months, the main activities relating to training are articulated in the following phases:

  • Analysis: During the analysis phase, the following tasks begin:
    • Complete task and job analysis
    • Evaluate for criticality all system-related tasks to be trained
    • Profile target audience

This information will be analysed, organised, and structured to form the basis of the training program.

  • Design: Once analysis is complete, the second phase is the design of the program:
    • Define program objectives
    • Determine instructional methodologies
    • Structure and sequence program content

Any tasks that are considered particularly difficult or important will be considered for hands-on exercises. The end result is a course design plan for each program.

  • Beginning of Development: in the first 18 months an initial preparation of the training materials will be carried out. The content for the training program will be defined in accordance with the approved course design plan. Any web-authoring, job aids, paper-based materials, instructor guides and presentations, or class supplements required to support the course objectives will be defined. The result of this phase is the delivery of draft related materials to conduct an instructionally sound, cohesive training program.
  • Implementation and Evaluation planning: In the first phase of the project, a plan on how to implement the training modules will be described. Moreover evaluation criteria to be used in the validation phase will be selected and defined in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the training measurements, and an effective participant feedback.
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